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Chairman’s Report – September 2017

When you read this the summer holidays will be over and we will be starting another year of Scouting. Summer camps are a distant memory and the year ahead something to look forward to. I hope you all enjoyed the summer break and managed to recharge your batteries and made the most of the good weather we had.

As the reports are required two weeks before publication I am writing this report in the middle of August, Hopefully there are still some warm sunny days left before the end of the break.

Not everyone, however, has been just relaxing and taking it easy over the summer break. Graham and Margaret have still been busy raising money for the Group.

You may recall that in January I reported that additional storage space along the side of the hall as far as the emergency exit was to be added, to join the storage space at the rear of the hall, giving us a continued run of space around the side and rear of the building. The work is progressing well and should be ready for use when we return in September.

I hope those that took sunflower seeds from Heather’s Memorial service remembered to plant them and had some wonderful results. We planted ours a bit late and as I write the flower heads are just starting to open.

1st Tolworth Trivial Pursuit Tournament

As reported in the July edition the annual Trivial Pursuit tournament final results were waiting two outstanding postponed games. These results had no outcome on the winning team.

As reported in the July edition the winners were Trevor Strong’s team.

Second Place went to Lynn Giffin’s team.

Third Place was shared with teams led by Marilyn Jennings and Terry Goodall.

The remaining other team placings are :

Fifth Place : Ted Hodges

Joint Sixth Place : Keith Wells; Margaret Warry; Pat Tomlinson

Ninth Place : Chris Lock

Tenth Place : Carol Goodall

Eleventh Place : Jenny Scott-Harris

Well done to all the teams and thank you for your continued support.

As the teams are keen to carry on I will be organising this tournament again for 2018.

I plan to get the schedule completed by the end of October. It would be nice to have some more teams so if you are a new team that want to play please contact me before the 21st October.  Contact details on the inside cover.

November Fayre

The November Fayre this year will be on Saturday 25 November and held in the Royal British Legion hall, Hollyfield Road, Surbiton KT5 9AL. We hope to have the Mayor of the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames attending to officially open the event.  Please do come along and support the Group. Hope to see you at the Fayre.

Next Edition

As reported earlier in the year, we are now publishing Out Of The Blue every two months. The next edition will be November.

That’s it for this month.

Proud to be 1st  T

Martin Smith