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For many readers Heather’s Heroes was the first item in the monthly Out of the Blue that they turned to. She always felt it important to thank people and tell them that she was very grateful. She called them “Heather’s Heroes” and wrote “Whatever an individual did to help Scouting, it was worthwhile.” This was whether a person was a uniformed Leader or Assistant Leader, helper, Executive Committee member, Circle member, useful parent or someone who gave the Group their time in some other way. She also wrote that we are all volunteers and that 1st Tolworth is a truly Family Group.

The first mention of Heroes in the GSL’s monthly report appeared in the November 1998 edition. She wrote about the imminent November Fayre and continued “My Assistant Group Scout Leader, Graham Warnes, does a marvellous job taking donated items to sell at Car Boot sales. Thank you Graham and Margaret Warry.  What heroes they are!”  From September 1999 Heather’s Heroes became a separate item in OOTB.

There was one person whose name didn’t appear in Heather’s Heroes and that was, of course, Heather.  So I suggest today that she is our 1st Tolworth (St Matthew’s) Scout Group’s hero and we will remember Heather for her leadership, inspiration, enthusiasm and encouragement in all things Scouting.

This was part of the Tribute which was researched by Graham Warnes and read out by him in St. Matthew’s Church Surbiton on Wednesday 16th November 2016.

Monthly Reports

President’s and GSL’s Annual Report – May 2019

President’s Annual Report

Following the announcement at last year’s AGM that I had accepted the invitation to succeed Alan Thomas as 1st Tolworth’s President, I must say I was honoured and thrilled.  I hope I can do as good a job as DAT did.

I will start by thanking him for his many years of service to us and to the District.  Did you know that DAT was a Scout Master, District Senior Scout Leader, Assistant District Commissioner General Duties, and District Commissioner? In 1982 he was invited to become our Group Scout Leader and did this role for several years.  So Scouting has been very lucky to be supported by him.

I do hope you can find the time to read the reports from the various sections because the activities they have organized for young people are truly amazing.  We owe the Leaders a big debt of gratitude for the hours and hours they have put in.   Thank you so much, Leaders and your teams.

The wonderful thing this year is that we have four Scouts in the County contingent attending the World Scout Jamboree in Virginia USA.  To get one Scout accepted is an achievement and four is a great tribute to the quality of our Scouting.

I know a bit about Jamborees, having been a Contingent Leader and later I worked on a Service Team in Chile.  It will be the adventure of a lifetime for our young people, something they will never forget.  My son, now 50, still talks about the one he attended!!

So please read the reports and get a feel for the skills they have learned and the adventures they have had.

Margaret Warry

GSL’s Annual Report

Hi everyone

I am sure that our Chairman, Martin, will advise you in his report, but just in case he doesn’t, our Group AGM is on Tuesday 4th June at Sparks Hall at 20.00. The accounts will also be available to anyone who would like to see how we spend the money raised within the Group.

So any of our parents/carers that would like to come along, please do.  You will be most welcome and there will be drinks and nibbles afterwards.

Our numbers have stayed fairly static this year. We now have 2 new Cub Scout Leaders, Lianne Ford and Craig Randall. Many thanks for stepping into Julie’s and my shoes. We are currently looking for a Beaver Scout Leader as Faye is stepping down after the summer term. I am however in conversation with a parent who may be interested in running the Beaver Scout Colony.

Lots more has taken place within the Group during the past year, for which I thank the Leaders.  Without them these events/evenings would not take place.  I will therefore leave you to read their reports.

If you know of any children that would like to join, please let us know.

March this year saw 1st Tolworth celebrate 110 years of continuous Scouting. This was celebrated at Horton Park Golf Club.  Unfortunately, although parents were invited to come along, sadly not many took up the opportunity. However, the evening went ahead with attendance mainly from Leaders/Exec. members, friends and families.  Margaret Warry, our Group President, sponsored the firework display.  Thank you to Paul Stewart for organising this event at Horton Park and for being the DJ for the night. Thanks also to David Smith and Co for setting up the firework display.

By the time you read this report St. George’s Day will have been and gone. The one day of the year that we ask all Beavers, Cubs and Scouts to attend. My thanks to Martin, together with Reverend Helen Hancock, for organising this event and to the Royal British Legion for hosting our prize-giving afternoon.

PLEASE KEEP THIS DATE FREE – Saturday 13th July. Family Fun Day at Southwood Activity Centre. Please look out for information at the Scout Hall and please read the letters that will be sent home shortly concerning this FUN, FREE event!

Once again Margaret and Graham have been busy at Car Boot Sales, Fairs, and Jumble Sales at Sparks Hall.  They do an amazing job raising money for the Group for which we are extremely grateful. In fact, over the last 26 years they have raised almost £60,000 which I think you will all agree is fantastic!

There are many others that do so much for the Group and we would be lost without them. I could write all their names down, but the list would go on for some time. You know who you are! So a big THANK YOU to all of the Leaders, Executive Committee, Circle members, Casual Helpers, our fantastic band of fund raisers and anyone else who helps at 1st Tolworth.

Regards, Reg