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Troop Annual Report – May 2019

Our Troop membership of 35-40 in the first part of last year dropped to nearer 30 as the older members moved into the Explorer Section, in the main becoming Young Leaders. Of these young people, 3 gained their Chief Scout’s Gold Award since the last Annual Report.  We have six Young Leaders within our own Group plus others working with 1st. Hook, 2nd. Hook and 1st. Claygate, all having progressed from 1st.Tolworth Troop. We have been joined by Cubs from Everest as well as several new to the movement so numbers are mid-thirties again.

The major Royal Kingston Scout Section event during the last year was a repeat of 24:7, re-named as RK24. Scouts spent the weekend walking or travelling by minibus between different Scout HQs to take part in a variety of activities.  Sleepover on Saturday night was at 1st. Hook HQ.  Our 14 Scouts joined in kayaking or canoeing, power-boating, karting, wall climbing on our own wall, bubble football, air rifle shooting to name but a few. Excellent weekend.

Our annual over-night expedition was on the North Downs Way west of the A3, camping at Garners Field Scout Campsite in Tilford, near Farnham.  A successful weekend with 7 members gaining Expedition Challenge.

We did our “bit” and were wardens at Polyapes on a weekend in March.  There were three camps to look after but we helped the campsite by deep-cleaning the disabled toilet before new equipment was fitted, painted the new ramp to the Mowgli Centre, tidied up round the wood pile and Campfire Circle as well as had time to pitch and check our own hike tents, passed some fire-lighting tests and, of course, the weekend would not be complete without some toilet cleaning!!

For Summer Camp we ventured into South Wales to stay at Silver Cross, near Swansea.  It was supposed to be a more restful camp than the previous year but we were busy enough with Orienteering, Tomahawk Throwing and the Assault course on-site as well as paint-balling, visiting a Red Kite Centre and the Mining museum as well as going swimming.  Our thanks particularly to our Chairman, Martin, for driving and being with us all week, as well as Eric, Stuart’s Dad, for driving the hired van down to Wales and back.

We made the trip to Strategy in Cirencester Park again for the giant activity hike on Saturday, as well as the chance to join in discos, crafts and team games.  John was my driver on this occasion. I spent my Saturday helping to run a checkpoint in the sunshine.

We were glad to see the return of the County Cooking competition and the County Night Exercise.  We entered 3 teams in the Cooking and 2 in the Night Exercise.  We didn’t win either event but we had fun, learned a lot and we were there taking part, which is the most important part of all!

Friday evenings included the usual mix of activities, old and new, such as team-games and challenges, cooking, swimming, wide games, ice-skating, preparation for events and competitions, maps, knots, pioneering etc.

There are four members, or ex-members, of the Troop who are going to the World Scout Jamboree in America this summer.  We also have nine of our young people, plus Stuart and myself, who are joining the GLSW trip to Sweden, to be held at the same time.  So there have been lots of camps and events attended by some of our number, in preparation for these exciting international trips.

We have been lucky to have a stable Leadership Team of John, Graham, Stuart, Michael and myself, although Graham unfortunately missed most of last summer due to illness. We were glad to have him back in one piece by the autumn. We are also lucky enough to have five Young Leaders.  With support from our GSL and Chairman, we are managing fine.  My thanks to you all!

Caroline Marsden, Scout Leader