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Troop Report – July 2019

A lot has happened in the four months since the last report.  It is supposed to be summer now but I remain unconvinced.  The rest of Europe seems to be having a heatwave and we’ve got rain.  Ho hum.

 Comings and Goings

Khush and Amuru have now been invested. Adam and Maya have joined us and we hope that they will be invested soon.

I am pleased to say that Libbie finally gained her Chief Scout’s Gold Award.  It was presented at the Group’s Scout of the Year get-together. So much hard work rewarded.

Congratulations!  We thought that she was going to leave 1st.Tolworth after that but I found her at Everest Cubs last Wednesday.  Maybe she isn’t going anywhere after all?

Friday Evenings

The usual pot-pourri of activities through the Spring.  We repeated the Chip Shop Survey that we last did two and a half years ago.  On that occasion, Tolworth Fish Bar came out on top.

This time, Burger Plus, up near Tolworth roundabout scored better, beating our near-neighbours into third. (I haven’t told them yet!)

We went Ice Skating at Guilford Spectrum.  No trips to A&E this time, I am glad to say. We had an evening doing some puzzles from looking at various maps, with very little time so they had to be focussed!

Stuart ran one of his Murder Mysteries. I got a very strange e-mail about that. It seems that a lot of people got into costume to make it more authentic. Pretty strange costumes too, from the photos I saw!

We made some Fire Cones to try out a camp. It all involves drying the cones out so they are open and bug-free, then soaking them in various chemicals such as Sodium Chloride and letting them dry naturally.  Then, when they go in the fire, they turn the flames different colours, depending on the chemicals used. We tried them out at our camp at Frylands Wood.

To be honest, it wasn’t that impressive. Commercially produced ones were much better.  Also, I haven’t yet got the smell of Pine out of the oven at home.  John was not pleased!!!!

We did another survey about future activities where the Scouts put a red, amber or green “Post-it Note” against possible activities, depending on how much they liked the idea.

Recently we have been preparing for food choices on expeditions, hikes etc.  We did a survey on different snacks, regarding how nutritious they were and whether they were best for keeping you going when walking or best for use in an emergency.  Despite “We’ve done this in Food Tech.”, they obviously hadn’t actually applied that knowledge to this practical subject!

We got the Trangia stoves out and cooked various dishes that might, or might not, be useful on Expeditions.  We assessed the ease of preparation, the chances of the food arriving at camp in one piece and nutritional value as well as the taste.  Dolmio Pasta Twists and Carbonara Sauce was the winner!

Beavers and Cubs

We ran a meeting for Thames Beavers in April, making Easter Puppets from clothes pegs, Eggs with birds, bears etc. inside them, chicks that open their mouths.  Giacomo, Isabella, Eliza, Noah, Luke and Amelie were there to get stuck in. All good fun!
More recently, we ran a more serious meeting about maps for Everest Cubs. We looked at the points of the compass, different scales of maps, the symbols used on maps and the parts of the Silva Compass and how it works.  Libbie, Giacomo, Isabella and Shreya were there to help me.

GLSW County Night Exercise 

This previously annual event has re-emerged and this year was based at Bentley Copse. We had 2 teams entered.  They both completed the course and did reasonably well.

Isabella, Leo, Amelie, Jasmyn and Maddy came in 19

Noah, Sol, Livvy, Matthew, Keira C and Shreya were equal 14.

Young Leaders Briony, Peter and Keira were out on a Checkpoint, Graham and Michael were out in the minibus and I was safe indoors manning the radio.

We camped overnight and returned home in daylight on Sunday morning.

Thanks to 1st. Hook for letting us join them for Breakfast. It meant we didn’t have to do anything except hand over the money and eat! My favourite sort of arrangement!

Thanks to Robin Burr and the team from across the county for organising the whole venture.

Glad it’s back!

Polyapes Wardens

We all met up at Polyapes on the Friday night. There was a whole lot of fire-lighting going on, (We love a bit of badge-testing!) then a Wide Game by which time we had a big enough fire for some decent embers to cook S’mores.

The PLs, APLs and YLs who were able to stay for the weekend were kept busy with several jobs to help the campsite.  We had to “deep clean” the Staff Toilet so some new equipment for the disabled could be fitted the following week, the new railings and decking outside The Mowgli needed painting and the wood pile area needed tidying.   Then we pitched all the Group’s Hike Tents and diagnosed what was wrong/torn/damaged so we knew how many were truly serviceable. John HAD to try out the new tractor, just because … !  Boys and their toys!!!

More tidying in the Mowgli, collecting some pine cones and, of course, cleaning the loos before we went, all kept us fully occupied all weekend.  Thanks to all who came and helped “do our bit” to keep our campsite in good shape.

Easter Egg Hunt
We joined in the annual Easter Egg Hunt at Kings Park Field on Easter Saturday to raise money for Finland 2020. We had a cake stall, some more of the Easter Puppets, nail painting, colouring and, of course, the famed Egg Hunt.  Busy, busy, busy.  The weather was beautiful. So hot it was melting our cakes! (Ah … that was Summer!)  Thanks to Giacomo, Isabella, Luke and Amelie, Keira C, Matylda and Federico who joined John and me, Stuart and Alex.

Scout of the Year
I was pleased to have about two thirds of the Troop at our annual St. George’s Day Parade and Scout of the Year presentations.  John organised six members of the Troop (Giacomo, Isabella, Amelie, Lily, Shreya and Federico) to join him in reading a poem.  Libbie carried the Union Flag and Eliza the Troop Standard with Jasmyn, Ben, Luke and Leo as the Escorts.

Congratulations to all of our award winners, but I know that you are ALL pretty special, whether you went home with a trophy on this occasion, or not.

Scout of the Year …….Giacomo
Runner up ……………….Luke
Third ……………………..Isabella
Best newcomer ………….Keira C
Troop’s Choice ……….Eliza
DAT’s Trophy winner ….Sol
Patrol of the Year ……..Kingfisher

Troop Camp at Frylands Wood
Interesting Bank Holiday Weekend spent at Frylands Wood, Addington.  Did some unusual activities which did not tax our brains too heavily.  Earth Ball, Grass Sledging, Inflatable Assault Course and Barrel Carts.  (It is a bit of Pioneering to make carts to race.).

Eight of the Scouts tackled Chef Badge. They had had to plan the menu for a Weekend Camp beforehand and then cook a two course meal from their menu.  Some cooked on a fire, some on Gaz, their choice depending on the menu. They were also assessed on their ability to wash and clear away safely, appropriately and efficiently, which proved challenging for a couple of them!

I had the joy of sorting out the Patrols so they all had a chance to cook both methods and no-one had the same meal Saturday and Sunday evenings.  Fun!

They cooked some interesting meals from Falafal Burgers to Chicken Curry to Spaghetti Bolognaise, from Pancakes to Bananas and Chocolate done in the embers, to Fruit Salad with a wonderful fresh Mint syrup. Those who were brave enough to try were Giacomo, Isabella, Noah, Lily, Leo, Maddy, Annouska and Charlie.  Now we just have to test the bits about buying, transporting and storing safely!

Then we tried out the Fire Cones but, as I said previously, the S’mores were more satisfying!

Then there was a very moving ceremony involving the death of a Fir Cone.  You just wouldn’t understand unless you were there!  (To be honest, it wasn’t easy to understand if you were there.)  Suffice to say that Lily was very much in charge and we have the evidence of the mood that evening on video!

We were lucky with the weather too.  Not in any way hot but all canvas came down dry on the last morning!  Amazing for a Bank Holiday Monday!  We had moved the Orienteering to the afternoon, just in case.

It was brilliant to have all five adult leaders there. We couldn’t remember when that had happened last, if at all.  My thanks to Graham, John, Stuart and Michael for being there and making it happen.  Thanks also to Keira, Nadine and Peter, our 3 Young Leaders who weren’t tied up in exams and were able to be with us. It makes such a difference having them there.

National Scout Archery Competition

Royal Kingston Scout Archery Club attended the annual competition at Phasels Wood with a record number of 25, half of whom are 1st.Tolworth members.  Those present from 1T were John and me, Keira and Matthew, Marcelina, Giacomo, Luke and Amelie, Thomas and Lily, Lex, Shreya and Ian Marsden.
We came back with 2 trophies and 4 other medals.  Only one from the 1T members though.

Thomas W (Young Leader currently working with 1st. Claygate) was 2nd. in the under 18   (Supplied equipment).

Well done everyone!

Coming up …

Strategy 21-23 June
Summer Camps –    World Scout Jamboree in America
GLSW Expedition to Sweden
Troop Summer Camp at Tolmers in Hertfordshire
Expedition – camping at 1st.Harting 28-29 September

Enjoy your summer holidays when we get there.
More news in the autumn.

Caroline Marsden Scout Leader.