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Beavers – Thames colony

Beaver Scouts are young people usually aged between six and eight years old. They belong to the first and youngest Section in the Scouting family. Young people can join Beaver Scouts in the three months leading up to their sixth birthday. They can move to the next Section, Cub Scouts, between seven years and six months and eight years six months.

Easily recognised by their distinctive turquoise sweatshirts, Beaver Scouts enjoy making friends, playing games, going on visits and helping others. They usually meet together once a week in a Beaver Scout Colony.

Some Beaver Scout Colonies also organise Sleepovers. These are often the

first time a young person spends a night away from home. They take place in suitable buildings, often Scout centres.

Thames Report – November 2019

First off, “Hello!” from myself. I’m Helen Orlando and I joined officially on 27 September 2019 the Beavers Leadership team to help run our Section. It was an emotional investiture ceremony where the Beavers created a fabric river for Faye and myself to swim up to Reg. Definitely a memorable and fun way to join!

Faye and I have known each other since since 2014. A bit of history lesson with a test at the end if and when you finish. I met John Bowman (Scouts) when he was fundraising for Finland 2014 trip at our workplace, Carphone Warehouse’s head office. We had just moved to the Surrey area and I was looking for somewhere to volunteer. John passed my details to our beloved Heather. Emanuele, my husband, and myself met Heather at her home on  1 March 2014 with my son Federico. Right off the bat, Heather was very keen for Emanuele to sign up to be a Beaver Leader. We both signed our DBS paperwork that very day. I still remember Heather trying to find little toys for Federico to play with. Federico even found a cherry pip underneath Heather’s couch which he couldn’t wait to show her. We all had a good laugh. It is a cherished memory of how wonderful Heather was and how she was so proud and devoted to 1st Tolworth!

We met Faye on 2 May 2014 when Federico joined Beavers until his departure on 28 September 2016 when he joined Cubs.

Emanuele and I became occasional helpers from 11 March 2014 to 20 June 2019. From Summer 2014, I took on expense paperwork for the Beaver’s section.

So although Heather may have to wait a little bit longer for Emanuele to join, I hope she’s still happy that I am proudly wearing the Beaver’s uniform. Federico, now a proud Scout, also helps out at Beavers with the hope of being a future Young Leader.

Now that the history bits are covered and out of the way, I will spare you the test! Good job for reading this far and not dozing off yet!

I’m very happy to announce Faye and I have re-instated “Beaver of the Month” award. For the month of September, it was awarded to Emily. Emily is one of the youngest of the Beavers and did her first night away last summer (July 5-6). Emily always joins in any activities with enthusiasm. Well deserved Emily!

The autumn term is now in full swing with us working on the space and communicator badges.

The first week (13 Sept) back was just catching on smiling faces, especially as we got to play the chocolate game. Peter (YL) and Federico (Scouts) even joined in the fun. There was nothing to worry about as we had extra chocolates for everyone, including some for Faye and myself to sneak a few pieces each.

The next week (20 Sept) we got to learn about the 8 planets in our solar systems. The Beavers learned about Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Earth!

The following week (27 September) we were joined by new joiners Oliver and Grace. (Welcome Oliver and Grace!) We played our all time favourite game dodge balls. In keeping with the space theme, each Beaver got a build it yourself solar system. We had a lot of fun colouring in the planets and Max even assembled his! It looked amazing! Two of our Beavers Grace and Aser brought in their completed solar systems from the previous week. Well done!

This week (4 October), we were joined by two new joiners, Blake and another Oliver. (Welcome Blake and Oliver!) I jumped in the deep end and decided to run the session by teaching the Beavers about what a constellation is and four famous constellations. Each of the Beavers was asked to bring in their own flashlight and was shown how to draw out one of the constellations using a toothpick. We then taped the paper onto the flashlight and were able to view Draco the Dragon, the Big Dipper, Cassiopeia and Ursa Major. The Beavers, including myself, all had fun stargazing!

Last month, I applied for a £150 Healthy Lifestyles micro-grant from The Scout Association and we won it! The term of the grant was to raise awareness of health and we were asked to deliver three activities. We played “Question-a-ball” game which is whenever a Beaver catches a ball, they answer a question like, “What is your favourite fruit?” There were some tricky ones too like “How many hours sleep did you get last night?” Then we played a Bingo like game called, “Rainbow refreshments” where each Beaver was given a Bingo sheet. Peter then picked out a colour and the Beaver would cross off matching fruits and vegetables. The easy ones were marked off quickly like red for apple, yellow for banana but a few left us wondering if brown applies to the skin of sweet potatoes or was it orange?!  A few of our Beavers had never played Bingo before and overall it was a fun game and one we are likely to try again.

Next week (11 Oct) we will be at St. Matthew’s hall as Sparks Hall will be busy in prep for the Group Jumble Sale.

We also would’ve had a handful of our Beavers joining in the District Beavers party (19 Oct). Can’t wait to hear back from Harley, Julia, Oliver, Jackson, Armin, Lucien, Ida, Grace, Isla and Freya all the fun that was had!

Along with badge work, we are preparing our sweets jar and selling raffle tickets for the upcoming November Fayre.

We also delivered notices to recruit new Beavers and have now started to put together a waiting list. We have spaces available for any child age 5  & 3/4 to 8 years old. Please register your interest via

Our team currently consist of Faye and myself, Young Leaders Peter and Holly, with assistance from Federico. Occasional helpers mom and son dynamic duo, Lilian and AJ. We also run a parent rota as and when needed. If you have an interest in becoming a volunteer, please don’t hesitate to let one of us know.

Much more to follow in November!

Did you know? The Beaver Scouts share the general Scout motto of “Be prepared”. Prior to 2002, the motto was “Fun and Friends” which is reflected in the usual programme for the section, which makes use of play to put across Scouting ideas of friendship and community.