Group Executive Committee

Although mainly in the background the Group Executive Committee manages the group’s funds and assets. They are in effect the Business side of the Scout Group.

They ensure that all safety measures are adhered to, that the Hall is kept in a usable condition, the maintenance of the building and ensure any repairs are swiftly dealt with.

They are also responsible for fundraising which helps to keep the weekly section subs at a reasonable level.

They also produce the Groups Bi-Monthly Newsletter Out Of The Blue see the link below.

All Group Executive members are volunteers, if you would like more information about the Group Executive or how you could help, click on the “Get Involved with us Today” link below.



Early Years

By 1908 the hamlet of Tolworth was beginning to change. The population growth had started to accelerate due to the development of the brickfields and the building of Tolworth Sewage Farm, both in Red Lion Lane. It meant that the area had a proper drainage system and the District, therefore, was ready for development.