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Scouts – The Troop (10½ – 14)

Scouts are the third section of the Scouting movement. From the first
experimental camp for 20 boys in 1907, the movement now has an estimated 28
million members worldwide, and in the UK alone there are over 499,000 boys and
girls involved in Scouting. An increase in adult volunteers means that more and
more young people are now able to take part in their own big adventure.

Troop Report – November 2018

It has been a rather strange beginning to the term with different Leaders being absent at different times. I was only there for one of the first four meetings – most unusual! However, we were well planned and there was useful “stuff” going on throughout.

Comings and Goings

We have been joined by Thomas C and Dexter from Everest Pack. Some of the others came to have a look but decided not to stay, which is a shame but they know where we are if they change their minds! Amelie has been persuaded by several members of the Troop to defect from our Sister Movement and join her twin. However, Poppy has decided that she does not want to continue in the Troop after the summer break. We will miss her. We are intending to invest Keira and Amelie, Thomas and Dexter straight after Half-Term.

Friday Evenings

Despite the disruption that was September, we have done a lot of varied activities. Boringly, all the equipment in the Patrol Boxes was taken out, washed properly after Summer Camp and replaced. More interestingly, there was an evening of shooting and computer games. Usefully, there was talk about Route Planning and about Safety on the Internet. There has been practise and testing of knots and lashings to try and prove that we can be “proper Scouts”! We tried to watch the Summer Camp video and see the winning Photographic Competition entries. Last Friday we went on an evening stroll from Chessington South station to Tolworth station via bits of Horton Country Park and the Hogsmill Walk. Tomorrow we are going to the Hollywood Bowl to see who can knock all those Ten Pins over at once. Half-Term already!

Chief Scouts’s Gold Award

Marcelina has now completed her “Gold”, Thomas W may easily have finished his by the time this is published and Lex is hot on their heels. Libbie is creeping up too. Presentations on the Friday after Half-Term.

RK 24

Just to confuse me, Royal Kingston changed the name of 24:7 to RK 24, a challenge for patrols of Scouts from across Royal Kingston to travel around the Borough doing different activities all weekend. They had a go at various water activities – canoeing or kayaking, power-boating, rowing. On dry land – Bubble Football, Robot Wars, Shooting, Dodgeball, Bomb Disposal, Nerf Wars, Karting and Climbing plus a Sleepover at 1st. Hook. Our Climbing Wall was used by Dave Batten and others plus our minibus was used as well. Who were our intrepid representatives?   Giacamo, Isabella, Matylda, Shreya, Alex, Thomas C, Evie, Leo and Keira, Matthew, Maddy, Livvy, Charlie and Annoushka.

And, in our usual fashion, who from 1st Tolworth was there to help make the event happen?

John and myself, Michael, Graham and Stuart plus 4 of our Senior Patrol, and Young Leaders Peter, Keira, Lex and Marcelina.  Reg opened our Hall up.  Mariola, (Marcelina, Matylda and Theo’s Mum) was out all weekend taking photos of everything and everyone.

Our thanks to Stuart Thompson, ADC Scouts, for organising the event. Unfortunately, John and I were on holiday for most of the last 10 days before the event, just returning in time for Stuart to have done most of the work!

In contrast, the planned County Night Exercise has been postponed from this November until next March in the hope of arousing the usual level of interest. We were up for it but not everybody else was!  There will be a County Cooking Competition again in 2019 as well, so the Spring will be busy.

Coming up soon

Chief Scout’s Gold Presentation, Investitures etc.  Friday 2 November, 21.00.

All welcome!!!!

Archery Master at Arms course starts 7 November.

Operation Christmas Child – the Shoebox thing!  All contributions welcome …

Remembrance Day.   November Fayre.    Not long ‘til Christmas!

Caroline Marsden

Scout Leader

Scout Troop